Julie Walker, Pastor's Wife

Welcome to the Ladies of Legacy at Mts. Runn Baptist Church. Our desire is for you to learn biblical principles instead of being deceived by the world’s idea of what a woman should be.  We are focusing our events and programs to help us put into practice the biblical principles that will ensure spiritual growth, and also we want to offer opportunities for women to connect with other women in the church. We would like to equip and train women to serve others in the church and community through Bible studies, mentoring and discipleship, retreats, and special events.

LifeGroups Ministry
What is a LIFEGroup?
    The Ladies of Legacy LIFEGroups are small groups designed for ladies to meet together to grow closer to God and each other. Life Groups will meet for two different sessions each year.  Each session will include getting together with your small group four or five times and will conclude with a meeting with allLIFE Groups. You will join together for encouragement, prayer, and fellowship. The conversation will be held around a book that your leader has chosen.  Your group will strive to find the Biblical truths from your reading and apply them to your lives.  LIFEGroups are a safe place to ask questions, build friendships, and experience mutual care and support.
Why a LIFEGroup?
    Coming to church can be intimidating for new people who might feel lost in the crowd. The fact is, our worship services are designed for "relational connection" with God. At times people think that the worship service is all they need, but that’s just not true. We also need "relational connection" with other like-minded believers. That’s what our LIFE Groups are all about. In a LIFE Group you have the opportunity to not only be loved and accepted, but to develop friendships with others who are also discovering what it means to follow Jesus!
How do I join?
   You can call the church office or sign-up in the Welcome Center at the church.  You can sign-up for the group of your choice.